About us

It’s All About Babies is an online baby shop that was the brainchild of a mother-in-law and son-in-law combination. Weird hey? The shop was imagined with an objective to cater for everyone’s baby needs. A one-stop shop for parents to get top-notch quality products at incredible prices.


We offer a wide scope of items ranging from cute baby clothes, warm and cuddly baby blankies to safety items to make your house baby friendly. Shopping with us gives you a peace of mind that you are receiving great quality products that you can trust and of course how you saw them on the internet.

We truly understand the great pressures that come with our world today, just setting aside a few minutes can be incredibly difficult between work, supper and child raising. Therefore, we offer you a super-fast and efficient service that will keep you coming back for more and allow you to spend that extra time with your little one.

So, shop with us, put your feet up and browse knowing we will take care of it all. Kit baby in the knick of time.